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Keith and his staff associates were fantastic to work with. Everything under their control went smoothly. Keith's contacts associated with repairs did the needed work quickly and for a reasonable price. His marketing resulted in a steady stream of prospective buyers with the result being an offer that was very close to full price. Especially helpful was Keith's adept use of technology. Every signature and approval needed could be done electronically and remotely. Keith and the Keller Williams staff were very quick to return phone calls when they were busy with other clients and Keith was always accessible through his cell phone by voice, text, or through his mobile email.  
Mark H., Seller 2016

I cannot thank you enough!

Keith, I cannot thank you enough! I would not have been able to do this without you. Remember when I was FSBO? Haha! We are so happy with our home and we are in the process of remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms. It was quite a roller coaster and I'm kind of amazed that we actually pulled this off. It's a far cry from where we started with a condo full of our junk and a being denied a home loan. I'm so glad you were there to walk us through it and coordinate everything. It all lined up perfectly in the end and we walked away with keys! Thank you again, thank you 1000 times! Everyone we know will know that Keith May made it possible for us to get our home. With grateful hearts,
Alicia, Grant, Annabelle, and Marshall

"Dear Keith, Thank you for all the assistance you gave us with the sale of my Dad's house. Your suggestions prior to listing were right on and we have no doubt were instrumental in the quick sale of the house. You are a true professional and we felt at east in your hands throughout the entire process. We will not hesitate to use you again or recommend you to our family and friend."
Sold father's house for her in OKC in spring of 2011

"Keith was extremely helpful in assisting my family in finding a new home. He took great care in finding out exactly what we were looking for and giving us options that fit our requirements. He is knowledgable and helpful in the home buying process and I felt at all times he had our best interests as his number one priority. He found us the perfect home in a short amount of time and walked us through the entire home buying process as a trusted ally. I highly recommend utilizing Keith in your search for a new home or selling your home."
Jason Baffrey,
Summer 2011

"I am writing this letter on behalf of Keith May, realtor at Keller Williams. This past year I was forced to leave Edmond due to job circumstances. After making the decision to sell, I contacted Keith to seek his assistance in the process. He was of great help throughout the entire experience. He offered wonderful advice on inexpensive and cost saving preparations for selling the home. He consistently exhibited a strong work ethic, professionalism, and a friendly demeanor. Keith’s experience and understanding of the housing market in Edmond and northern Oklahoma City are tremendous assets to individuals looking to purchase or sell a home. His primary area of expertise is dealing with houses in the middle class subdivisions of Edmond, such as the Heritage Heights subdivision where my house was located. Finally, I would like to note that Keith is part of the Edmond community. He lives in Edmond, attends church there, and has connections with many individuals, schools, and local businesses throughout the area. I strongly recommend seeking his assistance as you look to sell your home."
Scott Harper, PhD,
Moved to Korea in Winter 2011

"Actually I moved a lot of my furniture in yesterday afternoon. It’s slowly but surely getting there. I appreciate your help and determination on getting this home for me. This home is going to make my life a little bit easier."
First-time buyer, Winter 2011

"Hey Keith! Great to hear from ya man... The job search as usual is slow but it's going well just being up here. I didn't do a very good job at getting back with you, but I appreciate everything you did to help me sell the house in OKC. Definitely a relief having that off my hands now thanks to your hard work and help. I appreciate everything you did for me... How's life in OKC? Heard you guys got some bad hail the other day. Happy Memorial Day weekend!"
Moved back to California summer 2010

"We LOVE our new house! The kitchen is coming along slower than hoped but it will all be worth it when it's done. You'll have to come see the house after the kitchen is finished...I think it looks very different.... ....You have been awesome. I will definitely recommend you to anyone needing a realtor. Thanks for all of your hard work."
Kyle & Betsie,
Moved from west Edmond to east Edmond summer of '09

“Keith thanks….I will recommend you at every opportunity. My kids are talking about you all the time... to hear it from their perspective you are their hero because you "got" or found the house for them. They speak of you like you are a member of the family. I thought you might get a kick out of that. When we get settled we will have to have you over for dinner sometime.”
The Watkins,
Moved from Tinker Air Force Base to Edmond in Summer of 2003

"Once again I want to say thank you for selling my house and enabling me to move to sunny California. A job well done. If I ever move back to Oklahoma, which I doubt that I do, I will call you when I want to buy a house. Thanks."
Winter 2003

"Keith, Thank you for your excellent service. You made a big impression on both of us. You know your stuff, and did a great job. Thanks for everything. Come up and see us next time you find yourself in NE Oklahoma. God bless."
Dan and Joann Threlkeld,
Transferred to Tulsa from NW OKC winter of 2002

"We just wanted to say an "official" thank you for everything you did to make the selling of our house so smooth (& trust me, the list of things you did for us is long.) We really do appreciate it!"
Brad and Sarah,
Young family in Choctaw after selling their first house and moving into the second

"Appreciate making it smooth and being direct with us. We did well on our old house and we absolutely love this one. I'm sure you're glad you left the TV business. You're a natural."
Bob Barry Jr.,
Summer of 2003

"Thanks for the well wishes. We all went to the house tonight and said a blessing. The house is beautiful! I am so pleased and can't wait to get the move over with. Thanks for all your help. Can you believe we started this all a year ago?.... Thanks again. It sure was a pleasure working with you Keith. You are a great guy."
Moved to Deer Creek from Chicago in Summer of 2007

"It was a pleasure working with you and we appreciate your help. I guess you are our official REALTOR from here on."
Moved to a bigger house in Edmond in fall of 2005

"Keith, Thank you so much for helping us find our first home. We are really getting settled in and we love it! Thanks for your hard work and patience. We will definitely refer you to our friends."
Katie and Ryan,
Spring of 2007

"You have been very kind, professional and patient throughout this whole process and I really, really appreciate it. I think we would have bought more houses, instead of building all the time if we had run into more Realtors like you."
Steve and Salina,
Moved to Edmond from Colorado in summer of 2002.